Awakened Horror

Although the Republic has rebuilt itself, Raith continues to struggle with the aftermath of the actions that thwarted the Empire — were his choices to defeat them justified? As he focuses on building a better life for his family, Raith can’t shake the nagging feeling of doubt that plagues his mind — is the Empire truly gone?

Nothing is safe when a terrifying ancient evil resurfaces, and Raith is thrust into battle against himself and the horrific force that now threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. With the fate of millions on the line, Raith must confront his deepest fears — before it’s too late.

If humanity is to have a future, all must set aside their differences. Only Raith can unite humankind against the monstrosity that threatens to consume them all, but can he do it in time? Or will the awakened horror annihilate everything?

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About Quill

Programmer by day. Writer by night. Creative all year round.

Quill Holland has previously published two short stories, The Last of Her Kind and What Mattered Most, and a novella, Forgotten Evil. He has now published Awakened Horror, his first novel and the sequel to Forgotten Evil!

Growing up, Quill could always be found with his nose in a book, or watching the latest science-fiction movie. As a result, he’s developed an imagination that never stops, and naturally, sci-fi and fantasy is largely the domain that Quill’s own work inhabits.

Whether it was typing code or writing fiction, Quill has been creating content for years; now as a recent creative writing graduate from the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies and a member of the New Zealand Society of Authors, Quill has taken the plunge by self-publishing his first works.

When he’s not debugging code or creating worlds, Quill likes to dabble in illustration and photography, as well as exploring the natural beauty of New Zealand with his partner.